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Backyard Baseball is a free online sports game with charming characters and fun challenges. You pick a team and players to compete against others on the field, like in Pablo's backyard. Try to hit a homerun, don't strike out and score enough points each round to move on to the next level. Backyard Baseball (Windows, Mac OS Classic) From The Cutting Room Floor. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Backyard Baseball. Developer: Humongous Entertainment. Publisher: Humongous Entertainment. Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic. Released in US: 1997. This game has unused graphics. /free-download-tuneup-utilities-2016-full-version-crack.html.

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Backyard Baseball Download Mac nload Backyard Baseball 2003 for Mac from Mega.Co.Nz (unknown size) 879 / 2015-11-14 / (Unavailable for external downloads) / Pc review and full download. Backyard Baseball, geared towards kids 5-12 (or older), puts a cute face on America’s all-time favorite pastime – baseball. Hard Drive: 500 MB free.

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Backyard Baseball For Macbook Air

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Genre: Childrens, Sports
Release Year: 1997
Developer: Humongous Entertainment
Publisher: Humongous Entertainment
Age Rating: Everyone
Playability Status: Perfect
Tested On: Windows 10 x64
Availability: Copyright retained - Out of print/unavailable

Baseball is a hugely popular sport in many countries, including the USA and Japan. Here in the UK however, it never really caught on. In school, we play a similar game called “Rounders”, which is frankly a stupid name well worthy of ridicule. There have been lots of computer simulations of Baseball, but Backyard Baseball is specifically aimed at children. In the game, the player will need to pick and manage his or her team of neighborhood kids and take them up all the way to the Backyard Baseball World Series. The original game (which we’re covering here) was released in 1997 and went on to launch a successful series that’s still going strong today.

Installing and playing

Backyard Baseball Windows


The original Backyard Baseball is a 16 bit game which means it cannot run natively on more modern versions of Windows. You could install a Windows XP virtual machine and play the game there. Rather than doing that however, you may wish to use ScummVM instead. ScummVM is a special program that helps older adventure games to run. Now, you’re probably thinking “a baseball simulator doesn’t sound much like an adventure game”, but remember this is a children’s baseball game and so has a few similarities to a point and click adventure game. Because of this, it’s supported by ScummVM and easy to run on modern machines.

To run the game with ScummVM, simply copy the entire contents of the games CD-ROM to a convenient location on your PC, then point ScummVM to the folder. There’s a comprehensive tutorial here that takes you through all the steps in detail.

Play Backyard Baseball On Mac

There are no CD audio tracks to copy, so once the CD is copied and ScummVM is configured and options set to taste, you’re good to go.