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How To Start Fran Bow Download. Click on the “Download” button. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to Install. Let it Download in your specified directory. Open the Apk and Enjoy. Fran Bow download free. full Version For Pc Game. Get Fran Bow download free. full Version For Pc Game Below. About 1.0.0 Fran Bow 1 Mod APK. This game in the absence of Andrews when the time has been played, in the final analysis is its extreme polarization of the world and the fairy tale of the general story to attract. It tells the story of a girl named Fran’s tragic life experience, her parents were demon sub-corpse, because she saw the strange.

How To Start Fran Bow Download

1. Click on the “Download” button.
2. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to Install.
3. Let it Download in your specified directory.
4. Open the Apk and Enjoy.

Fran Bow download free. full Version For Pc Game

Get Fran Bow download free. full Version For Pc Game Below. It is 2020 Updated full setup of Fran Bow Pc Game. If in case you didn’t get the download link or version is not updated so kindly leave a comment below!

Fran Bow Short Preview

Fran Bow is a full form Windows game, that has a place with the classification PC games with subcategory Adventure.

Its present rendition is 2016 and it has been refreshed on 1/04/2017. It’s accessible for clients with the working framework Windows 7 and previous adaptations, and you can download it in English, Spanish, and German. /house-of-the-dead-2-full-crack.html.

Since the game has been added to our determination of programming and applications in 2016, it has acquired 16 downloads, and a week ago it increased 2 downloads.

The data about the introduce size of Fran Bow is right now not accessible. It’s a famous game in numerous nations, for example, India and United States.


Like other experience games, interactivity includes looking for different items in the game world so as to join and use them to fathom riddles, and talking with numerous characters to get familiar with the world and how to advance. In one scene, the player controls the hero’s feline. Moreover, a little part of Fran Bow comprises of smaller than expected games inside the more extensive story that current increasingly complex coherent difficulties.


Set in 1944, the game recounts to the narrative of Fran, a ten-year-old young lady battling with psychological maladjustment in the wake of seeing the fierce homicide of her folks. In the wake of being discovered alone in the forested areas, Fran is admitted to Oswald Asylum and isolated from her dark feline and just companion, Mr. 12 PM. Under the consideration of therapist Dr. Marcel Deern, Fran is regulated pills. The pills cause clear mental trips of an equal hyperreality, filling the Oswald Asylum with smears of blood, strange messages, terrible torment, human subject research in brain science and nervous system science, and otherworldy shadow creatures.

Headed to get away from her detainment, discover her feline, and get back, Fran goes into this other world. As yet scanning for a clarification of her folks’ homicide, Fran ends up changed into a tree in a world called Ithersta, a land where vegetables and roots live in amicability. Subsequent to withdrawing Ithersta, she experiences a goliath skeletal animal named Itward. Itward helps Fran as she continued looking for her feline.

All through the game, Fran and different characters think about mental injury, endure the maltreatment of guardians and specialists, and realize living among different people and spirits.


  • Spins around a little youngster with mental turmoil.
  • Need to locate her darling dark feline.
  • Noteworthy 2D hand drawn aesthetic liveliness and designs.
  • Got 50 intuitive characters with one of a kind characters.
  • Unique and novel soundtrack.

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Fran Bow is a horror adventure game set in the year 1914. If you are the type that loves indiepoint-and-clicks gameplay, then this is the absolute game for you. The game is all about a ten-year-old girl named Fran, who suffers from a mental illness of schizophrenia after witnessing the gruesome scene of her parents death. She ran into the forest with her cat and passed out there and was later found alone in the woods and was admitted into Oswald Asylum which leads to a separation between her black cat named Mr Midnight, who was her only friend. Under the care of a psychiatrist, Fran is given pills which cause vivid hallucinations of another reality, which transforms the Asylum into a gory site with strange messages, dreadful torture, human subjected to research in psychology and neurology. Fran decided to escape from the institution to find her cat and return home to her aunt.

The Adventures

Download game fran bow apk game

In this gameplay, I get to be the protagonist who is Fran Bow herself and get to narrate the story in her perspective as a child. The game guides me through several bizarre approximations of the mental state of a person. The story is relatively simple with a complex visual aesthetic which takes me on a journey that can veer from somewhat gory or quirky to ordinary tone but still remains interesting. The one particular element that defines Fran Bow as horror is the pill bottle at the bottom corner of the screen. If I click it, I find myself in an alternate world of the grisly and the macabre. Although the room stays the same, the contents are altered by obscene blood and violence.

The Puzzles

In Fran Bow, the puzzles are as difficult as any adventure game I have ever played. The puzzles are not hard by any means, but they added enough game-play to keep me going.

Many of these puzzles require the kind of old school experimentation you don’t get to see in a lot of modern-day games. I had to build a collection of a whole lot of items that seem unimportant and keep them for long times before being able to combine them with other things and use them to solve some puzzle. Although I struggled seriously in some areas, like when I needed a blue rose and I couldn't find one anywhere. It was after a few trial and error that I figured out that all I had to do was to put the seed in the patch of light to grow a blue rose. It made me understand that I had to always approach the game with the logic which was created for it exactly, which is that of the horrifying, twisted, yet fantastic universe.The fun in the game comes from testing and retesting theories about some of the puzzles’ several components, all the while enjoying the pictorial aspects of the art design.

Compared to games of similar plot

Unlike some who think of Pilot Brothers or Sally Face is more similar to Fran Brow, I really think Fran Bow feels more like Alice: Madness Returns. It even has easter eggs connected to it. The plot, mini-games, gore style, and the likes are so much alike. Fran Bow is more popular with young teenagers while Sally Face is so much more adult-like and more serious. The main connection between Fran Bow and Sally Face is that both games are point and click with a bit grotesque style of art.


The game is divided into the 6 chapters:

Fran Bow Chapter 2 Apk

  1. My sober day
  2. Part I: Curiosity Symptoms
  3. Part II: Double personality
  4. Vegetative state
  5. Part I: My imaginary friend
  6. Part II: Doctor's prescription
  7. The house of madness
  8. Return of Remor


  • The design is fairly polished and the graphics are well done.
  • Lengthier puzzles are solved in stages with helpful hints and reminders.
  • Unique art style, beautiful quality and 'cartoonish'.


Fran Bow Full Game Apk

  • While the right mouse button is left untouched.
  • The ending feels a tad rushed.

I enjoyed my time playing the game because it is one of the more creative games I have played in a while, even if it doesn’t quite come together as cohesive as well as it could have. I especially love the puzzles and the landscape, including the switch between worlds. If you're one that likes adventurous games involving seeking various objects in a game in order to combine and use them to solve puzzles, then Fran Bow is for you.

Download Game Fran Bow Apk Download

Overall rating: 8