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Download Passper Word Password Cracker today and enjoy easier and more effective Word password cracking. Free Download for Win 10/8/7/XP/Vista. The solutions in this article can be useful when you don't want to download any software to crack the Word document password. Download Any Word Permissions Password Remover - This minimalist application will help users remove the security access restrictions to their protected Microsoft Office Word files.

  • - Password to open
  • - Password to modify
  • - Document protection password
  • - VBA Password

Dictionary attack recovers lost passwords by checking all words from the dictionary file. With our special recovery options you can apply different letter cases to the words and check their plural forms to find your forgotten password. Free Word and Excel password recovery comes with a built-in standard English dictionary of more than 42000 words. Word Password Recovery Online Press here for Word Password Recovery / Decryption Online. Microsoft Office Word utilizes the encryption algorithm knows as RC4. This encryption method is also found in older Microsoft Office suits like Office 97, 2000 and even 2003. Free Word Password Recovery is an advanced MS Word Document Password Recovery tool. It can decrypt, crack and recover password-protected Microsoft Word Documents (.doc,. It fully supports.

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Free Word Password Recovery

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Free ms word password remover

Microsoft Word Password Remover Free Download


Recovers lost passwords for Microsoft Word documents.


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Word Password Recovery is a program that recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Word documents. The program recovers all types of passwords, including instant recovery of document and template protection and passwords to modify. The program supports all versions of Microsoft Word, including 2010.

Word Password Recovery instantly recovers passwords for the read only permissions, editing and formatting restrictions, including instant recovery of passwords to open if weak encryption was used. The interface is simple and easy to understand, yet the functionality and the set of features are truly immense.

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With the personal license you can use the program for noncommercial purposes
in nonbusiness, noncommercial environment (at home); one licence per one computer.

With the business license you can use the program in a corporate, government
or business environment; one licence per one computer.


  • Word Password Recovery is a solution for retrieving all types of passwords in all versions of MS Word.
  • Instant bypassing of formatting restrictions (limit formatting to a selection of styles) and password recovery for document protection.
  • Microsoft Word modification passwords and editing permission are instantly recovered.
  • Instant password recovery and regaining access to form data input (filling in forms editing restrictions).
  • Limitations to the set of permitted styles for MS Word documents and templates are instantly lifted.
  • Word Password Recovery instantly recovers passwords for the Tracked Changes and Comments features.
  • The utility provides a set of password recovery methods that can be easily adjusted and combined for a peculiar case, therefore you can create a sophisticated approach enabling you to recover or crack file-opening passwords of .doc and .dot files significantly quicker.
  • Passwords for multiple documents can be processed simultaneously.
  • High performance and optimization for all modern computers, including multiprocessor systems.
  • The tool will come in handy for finding out passwords in any language and also passwords combining several languages, as it comes with full support of Unicode, so it is possible to know a password, in which both Latin characters and hieroglyphs are used.
  • The recovery of passwords to open, which have a weak encryption, is a matter of a few seconds for Word Password Recovery. It means that passwords for older versions of MS Word, like Word 95, Word 97-2000 (on PC's that have French regional settings) are provided in no time. The same applies to passwords with the Weak Encryption (xor) in 2002 (XP) / 2003 edition.
  • Autosave feature eliminates the need to watch the password recovery process, and will restore the work after a system crash.
  • Comprehensive help file, context help. Technical support via e-mail.

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System Requirements

  • Windows 9x, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7
  • 4-10 MB of free disk space is required depending on the distribution.