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Some Huawei modems after flashing also it does not ask for the unlock code. Like you may have already faced earlier problem about Airtel Huawei E173CS-1 latest firmware. We have already given the solution for this modem, but in this post we want to highlight some topics. Recently when I was unlocking some Airtel Modem, a few modems was asking for unlock code while putting another SIM on the modem but some of them was not asking for unlock code. If you have also stuck after getting the unlock code, what you will do? Huawei modems are asking for unlock code then its will get unlocked after the providing the unlock but what you will do if your modem is not asking for the unlock code.

Huawei Modem Unlock Code Tool V1.1 download page. Download huaweicodetool.exe free. Huawei Modem Unlock Code Tool Size: 1.1Mb. Downloaded: 101,570 times.

  1. From here, you can download Huawei Modem Code Writer V1.0b by software is used to input the unlock code into Huawei modem / router. Errors on Downloads in time management skills. Vodacom now provides updates for the following devices, K3772-Z K5150 K4605 K4510-Z K5008-Z K5006-Z K4305 K3772 Click here to go to the page where you can download the.
  2. Developed by BOJS team, the Huawei Modem Unlocker is a free tool which can be downloaded and installed on any Windows OS. It is also user-friendly make it easy to use for everyone. This tool from BOJS unlock any modem easily. For example, if you are using a Huawei modem optimized to be used for Verizon networks, you cannot use this modem with AT&T SIM cards or any other SIM card from.
Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool

Simply follow the steps to unlock the huawei modem which is not asking for unlock code :-

  • After flashing the airtel E173CS-1 or any another modem download the Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool from the link provided below after the article.
  • Extract the zip file and run the HUAWEI MODEM Code Writer.exe.
  • Now plug your flashed Huawei modem in your computer.
  • Now click on “Please Select Com Port” button and it will open a small window.
  • Click on Detect button and select the port.
  • After selecting the Com port click on Accept button.
  • Now click on Unlock Modem button.
  • Now its will open a new windows asking for unlock code.
  • Here, provide the Unlock Code (8 digits) which you have already and after that click on OK button.

Now you have a unlocked Huawei 3G modem in your hand. Enjoy.
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Huawei Modem Code Writer V1 0b Free Download Windows 10

First, download the Free “NV items reader writer software ” from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.

  1. Now extract in a folder using WinRAR software.
  2. Now run NV items reader writer tool.
  3. Now disconnect from the internet and close the software of zte / Huawei modem.
  4. Now click on “Port” drop-down and select the correct COM port of your modem. (To get the correct COM port of your ZTE / Huawei modem )
  5. After selecting the correct COM port click on connect menu.
  6. Now your modem will be connected to NV items reader writer software.
  7. Now click on the read button to read the NV memory of the modem.
  8. In reading the firmware of modem, NV Items reader-writer v1.0 software will take around 5 minutes.
  9. Now it will give you the option for saving in PC.
  10. Save the NV backup of your Huawei / ZTE modem in PC with any name.
  11. Now you have successfully taken the backup of NV Item of your modem.
  12. Now you can flash the modem with any firmware.
  13. If gets failed in firmware updating and your modem IMEI lost then you can again write the firmware using NV Items reader-writer tool