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Publisher is one of the programs of the Microsoft Office suite that is not available in for Mac, meaning that it is not possible to download this software if you use an Apple computer. Along with Access, Microsoft does not offer these two programs on this platform, regardless of the subscription plan you may have. Publisher allows you to lay out all kinds of documents but you will have to look for an alternative solution, and there are several. They are a little bit more difficult to use them but they could be your only solution if you want to work with this program.

Microsoft Publisher 2013 is a publishing tool for desktop computers that comes with every copy of the PC version of Microsoft Office 2013, and it is built for novice users who want professional editing tools. Microsoft publisher for mac free download - Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac 7.0.3 Update, Parallels Desktop for Mac, Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac Update, and many more programs. Folder lock 7.7.5 serial key.

I need to do all the things Microsoft Publisher can do but on my MacBook Pro. Why can't I use Publisher on my Mac? There is no other software in existence that allows me to do those things. I think Microsoft are ostracising the Apple users by not allowing this. I am a teacher and need Publisher to be able to do my job! Microsoft has never released Publisher for Mac but you there are ways to run it on macOS. Although there are some great alternatives to Microsoft Publisher for Mac, many people that have recently switched from Windows still require MS Publisher for desktop publishing. How to download Microsoft Publisher? 1- Just click on the download button and select a location where you want to download the file. 2- After the download finishes, open the Microsoft Publisher folder and extract the content from it. 3- Now open the Microsoft Publisher folder and double click on the Microsoft Publisher setup file. The latest version of Microsoft Office Publisher is 4.1 on Mac Informer. It is a perfect match for Office in the Productivity category. The app is developed by Microsoft.

The first alternative solution is Bootcamp, a tool included in the Mac operating system that allows you to have a partition with the Windows operating system installed on your computer. In this way, you just have to restart the computer and use Bootcamp and Windows to work with your copy of Publisher. In order to use it, you will need a Windows system image that can be used by Bootcamp and then log in normally with your Microsoft account to install Office and Publisher.

Microsoft Publisher For Mac Download

Your second alternative solution is to download the Publisher EXE and install it on your Mac using a virtual machine, such as Parallels Desktop or VMWare. These programs are able to virtualize Windows, that is, to see on the screen of your computer a good old Windows with the same functions, allowing you also to install the Office EXE and use the Publisher available on that operating system. You just have to perform the installation of the software as usual.


Microsoft Publisher 2013 is a publishing tool for desktop computers that comes with every copy of the PC version of Microsoft Office 2013, and it is built for novice users who want professional editing tools.

Microsoft Publisher Free Download

Unlike older versions of Microsoft Office, Office 2013 includes Publisher 2013, one of the most intuitive tools for creating print publications such as magazines, menus, posters, business cards, greeting cards, and much more. There is a free trial version of the software for those that want to test it out before purchase, but users must have a Microsoft account in order to take advantage of the free trial.

Microsoft Publisher 2013 includes a number of features that make it a leader in its field. It has a canvas where photos can be uploaded and arranged by simply dragging them from place to place, and pictures can now be swapped by dragging a photo over the one to be replaced. Once the mouse is released, the switch takes place. It is quite intuitive, and accidentally swapping images is easy to avoid thanks to the pink highlight and clearly marked icons.

The new Apply to Background command is quite handy as well. Users can now click on any image in the canvas and have it expand to fill the whole thing or become tiled so that multiple images in the original size populate the canvas.

Unlike older versions of Publisher, this newest iteration has been integrated into Office 2013 very thoroughly. Faw sublab 1.1.3 crack. To make this more obvious, formatting options and tools that already exist in PowerPoint and Word have been included in the same design. Perhaps the most helpful tool that was ported from Office 2013 is the app's ability to fetch photos from the internet using the credentials of the Microsoft account connected to the software.

Users can use a single window pane within the app to search for images from a number of prominent social media sites, like Facebook and Flickr, as well as the clip art found on and any local images that might fulfill the search requirements. There is already a plethora of clip art, and the ability to search through the internet only gives the user even more control over the content they easily transport into Publisher.

Microsoft Publisher For Mac free. software download

Users will find that Publisher 2013 is also highly intuitive thanks to the streamlined user interface. There is a single tool bar that holds the vast majority of the most common commands, and there are also hotkeys and editing menus that can be shown with just a few clicks. On the right hand side of the app, all images uploaded to the program are visible in the Scratch Area.

For the novice or intermediate user that wants to create stunning print publications, there are few apps with the same utility and power as Microsoft Publisher 2013.

  • Included w/ Office 2013 (PC Versions)
  • Easily Create and Publish Documents
  • Automatic Cloud Storage
  • Fetch Photos from Flicker and Facebook

Ms Publisher For Mac Download


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